Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

A versatile video converter, editor and downloader
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Apowersoft Video Converter Studio can help you perform multiple operations related to video, such as converting between formats, extracting audio, editing, adding subtitles, downloading Internet clips and recording from the screen or a camera. Not only that, it also supports creating simple video slideshows, which makes it a very versatile application.

The program has a nice interface, which in many respects looks similar to those of other video converters. This is definitely an advantage if you are already familiar with this type of application. Various tabs allow using separate spaces for converting, downloading and recording video as well as creating slideshows.

Fortunately, the program lets you process batches of files in a single session. Moreover, it supports an impressive list of media formats that includes video and audio. Likewise, there are output presets intended for practically every type of device and it is possible to use customized profiles as well. It is great that HD and even 4K definitions are allowed. However, it is a pity that you cannot use individual profiles, which means that all the files on the queue will be converted to the same format. Another limitation is that it cannot upload the output video directly to a cloud-based service.

Although this tool is not specifically meant to edit video, it does support a few basic operations. For instance, you can embed subtitles into the video even by importing external files or downloading them from an internet database. Moreover, it is possible to create new clips by merging and trimming the source files. Other possible actions include rotating or flipping the image, adjusting such parameters as contrast and brightness and adding watermarks. Additionally, you can synchronize audio and image, a feature seldom found in tools of this sort.

Probably the rest of this product’s features do not deserve as much attention as its conversion capabilities. Yet, they cannot be taken for granted either. As a downloader, the program allows entering a video URL and choosing one of the qualities available. Again, batch processing is also possible. The application can also come in handy if you need to record video directly from the screen or a web camera. Gladly, it lets you record not only images but sounds from a microphone, the system card or both at the same time. Finally, you can also use this tool to create video slideshows by importing a series of source pictures, setting transitions between them and even adding background sound. I am sorry to say, though, that it does not give as many opportunities to customize the results as other applications.

In general, it is nice to have such a multipurpose video tool as Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. In terms of output quality, the program is highly reliable as it produces practically no losses. Yet, it is important to say that it consumes a lot of system resources, and as a result, you may experience certain speed loss while using your computer for other functions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Batch conversion
  • Basic editing operations
  • Image-audio synchronization
  • Video downloading
  • Video recording


  • Individual conversion profiles not allowed
  • Cannot upload videos directly to the cloud
  • Uses a lot of system resources
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